"A BROWNFIELD SITE is any real property where a contaminant is present at levels exceeding the soil cleanup objectives or other health-based or environmental standards, criteria or guidance adopted by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation"

Brownfields revitalization is critical to the future of Niagara County. Remediating contaminated sites and making them productive again results in job creation and a healthier environment.  Niagara County is concentrating on brownfields redevelopment as a key strategy for economic regeneration and environmental revitalization. 

Niagara County’s brownfields program consists of site assessment, end use planning, and a loan fund for cleaning up brownfield sites. The site assessment program uses competitively awarded funds from EPA to hireenvironmental consulting firms to complete Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) at prioritized sites throughout the County. The end use planning program consists of EPA funds, funds from New York State, and local matching funds for end use planning efforts in the region. The Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) uses competitively awarded funds from EPA to provide low-interest loans to eligible entities cleaning up brownfield sites in Niagara County. 

A brochure showcasing Niagara County's brownfields program can be downloaded by clicking here: Niagara County Brownfields Program Brochure

Addressing brownfield issues involves a several step process beginning with identification and ideally ending with redevelopment.

Niagara County Assessment Program

Funding is available to conduct Phase I and II ESAs at sites throughout Niagara County. Sites can be can be publicly or privately owned and written site access is required prior to initiating a site assessment.  Sites must meet EPA's eligibility requirements and the property owner can not be considered responsible for site contamination. Assessments are completed using grant funds at no charge to the property owner. Niagara County handles hiring and managing the environmental consultants.

Assessment Program Fact Sheet

2021 Hazardous Waste EPA Grant Agreement

Anyone interested in a potential site assessment should contact Ms. Amy Fisk, AICP, Brownfield Program Manager with the Niagara County Department of Economic Development at (716) 278-8750. 

Niagara County Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Program

Do you own a property that needs to be cleaned up? If yes, we can help! 

To encourage the remediation of brownfield sites, the Niagara County Brownfield Development Corporation (NCBDC) manages a Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program that offers low cost loans to assist with the cleanup costs at brownfield sites in Niagara County.  Each loan is customized to provide the greatest flexibility to the borrower.

The loan fund is capatilized with funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The goal of the RLF program is to fund the cleanup of brownfield properties in order to promote reinvestment and to retain or create new jobs. Loans supplement other sources of funding committed to the project and are structured to encourage borrowers to put properties back into productive economic use.

Download the Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Guide to see if you may qualify for brownfields financial assistance: Niagara County Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Guide

2022 Brownfields RLF EPA Grant Agreement


50 Elmwood Avenue, Lockport, NY

Community Participation Plan

Remedial Alternatives Fact Sheet

Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA)




Competition Transmission, 67 Webster Street, North Tonawanda 



The property will be used for the Riviera Theater expansion project. 

Dussault Foundry Site, 2 Washburn Street, Lockport



The property is clean and available for commerical redevelopment. 

Former Lockport Air Force Base, Unicorn Drive, Cambria 



The property is clean and available for redevelopment. 

39th Street School Site, Niagara Falls



The property is clean and available for redevelopment. 

1501 College Avenue, City of Niagara Falls



The property is clean and available for industrial redevelopment.  Significant tax credits are available.