Niagara County Brownfield Development Corporation

The RLF program is managed by the Niagara County Brownfield Development Corporation (NCBDC). The NCBDC is a local development corporation created by Niagara County to review and approve projects and authorize disbursement of RLF funds. In compliance with the New York State Public Authorities Accountability Act (PAAA), the following information on the NCBDC is available for download:

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NCBDC Background

NCBDC Articles of Incorporation
NCBDC Mission Statement
Members and Officers
RLF Program Organizational Chart
List of Committees
NCBDC Bylaws
NCBDC Code of Ethics
Procurement Policies and Procedures
Property Aquisition and Disposition Policies
Investment Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Whistleblower Policy

Board Evaluations

Summary of Confidential Evaluation of Board and Committee Performance 2017
Summary of Confidential Evaluation of Board and Committee Performance 2018


NCBDC 2018 Budget
NCBDC 2019 Budget
NCBDC 2020 Budget

Annual PAAA Required Reports

2017 PAAA Annual Report
2018 PAAA Annual Report

2017 Annual Investment Report
2018 Annual Investment Report 

2017 Procurement Report
2018 Procurement Report

Audit Reports

NCBDC Annual Audit Report 2017
NCBDC Annual Audit Report 2018

NCBDC Management Letter 2017
NCBDC Management Letter 2018

NCBDC Internal Controls Report 2017
NCBDC Internal Controls Report 2018

NCBDC Audit 2017 SAS No. 114
NCBDC Audit 2018 SAS No. 114

Tax Returns

Form 990 - October 2016 to September 2017
Form 990 - October 2017 to September 2018

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 7/25/17
Meeting Minutes - 10/3/17
Meeting Minutes - 12/11/17
Meeting Minutes - 3/27/18
Meeting Minutes - 8/3/18
Meeting Minutes - 10/24/18
Meeting Minutes - 12/3/18
Meeting Minutes - 2/5/19
Meeting Minutes - 7/29/19

For more information on Niagara County’s brownfield programs please contact:

Amy E. Fisk, AICP, Senior Planner
Niagara County Department of Economic Development
Vantage Center – Suite One
6311 Inducon Corporate Drive
Sanborn, New York 14132

Telephone: (716) 278-8754
Fax: (716) 278-8757
Email: [email protected]