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Taylor Devices is the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art shock and vibration control devices including shock absorbers, shock isolation systems, seismic isolators, vibration dampeners, liquid springs, and other hydro-mechanical devices. Their products are used to absorb, control, or mitigate transient or steady state motion. Some of the company’s products are used to protect buildings and bridges against damage from earthquakes, while others are used in applications such as submarines, weapons, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Taylor Devices’ is backed by over 50 years of successful experience in the shock and vibration control field. The company will expand its operations at the Buffalo Bolt Industrial Park in North Tonawanda, New York with the renovation of three industrial buildings located adjacent to its existing facility along with construction of a new facility.

Project profile

Investment: $2.7 million
New jobs created: 20
Jobs retained: 93


"We supply our products to customers all over the world, with more than 50% of our current year’s shipments being made to Asian countries. Niagara County’s location and well-developed transportation infrastructure has proven to be ideal for handling heavyweight overseas shipments. Thus, expanding in Niagara County makes excellent business sense to a manufacturer like Taylor Devices. Our current expansion includes doubling our manufacturing areas and as always, the County and IDA came through with prompt approvals for property, mortgage recording, sales tax abatements and exemptions. In addition, over the years we have also received valuable information and aid on available workforce development and job training programs. All this considered, when it comes to helping Taylor Devices grow – Niagara County works for us!"

- Doug Taylor
President, Taylor Devices