Niagara County Microenterprise Grant Fund Application

The Niagara County Microenterprise Assistance program provides resources to support and foster the development of microbusinesses by providing grants in conjunction with capacity building and entrepreneurial assistance. Awards to individual businesses will range up to $25,000.


Microenterprise Eligibility Guidelines

  • Applicants must be a private for‐profit business entity; corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship that is legal, licensed and operating.
  • Applicants must be a new or existing business with 5 or fewer employees.
  • Applicants must locate or intend to locate their business in a town or village within Niagara County. Proof of Niagara County location must be provided.
  • Grant Recipient's business must remain in existence through the term of the grant agreement and remain in Niagara County or the recipient may be required to repay the full award amount.
  • Grant recipients must contribute at least 10%, in cash equity, of the cost of the project; Microenterprise Grant Program funds may not exceed 90% of the total project cost.
  • Grant recipients must create one (1) full time equivalent (FTE) new job, taken by or made available to persons from low‐to‐moderate income (LMI) families OR be owned by a person defined as LMI.
  • New jobs must start within a 24-month grant period. Businesses must report back to the NCIDA on the number of jobs created.


Eligible Uses Of Funds

Grant funds must be used within the 24 month grant period, which begins on the executed contract date between New York State and Niagara County. Grant funds must be used by the recipient for:

  • Inventory
  • Purchase of machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures
  • Working capital

Grant funds shall not be used to purchase real estate, to repay existing debt, or to undertake building façade or interior renovations (construction work).


IMPORTANT: All components of the Niagara County Microenterprise Grant Fund Application need to be fully completed in order to be evaluated for the grant. In addition, you will need to submit either tax returns for existing businesses or a business plan for new businesses.

Contact the Small Business Development Center to assist you free of charge with eligibility requirements and completing this application. They can be reached at (716) 210-2515 or [email protected].


Applicant and Owner Information

Applicant Information

For security purposes, Social Security Number will be requested offline.

Owner Information

Business Information
Family Information

Determine your family size by counting yourself and each family member who currently resides with you within the same housing unit and enter the number in the space provided. A family member is a person who is related to you by birth, marriage, or adoption. Next, total the income from all sources received during the last calendar year (January through December) by yourself and each member of your family who currently resides with you and check the box for the appropriate range.


My Family Income (Check Above or Below)

Project Description and Job Creation

Project Description

Job Creation

Fund Request and Source of Funds

Fund Request

Source of Funds

Please complete the following chart based on the estimated project costs and identified sources of funds.

Use of Funds Estimated Project Total (US$) Owner Equity (US$) Other Sources (US$) Grant Request (US$)
Working Capital
Attach the following applicable documents

For existing, expanding businesses only

For new businesses only


If you wish to fill out a printable form, please click here to download the form and submit completed applications to:

Niagara County Industrial Development Agency
6311 Inducon Corporate Drive, Suite 1
Sanborn, NY, USA 14132‐9099